December 8, 2018

From Isfahan to Las Islas Filipinas

After a week in Brisbane for the culminating leg of the Asia Pacific Screen Lab in which I served as one of the mentors, it was time to go. An Iranian from Isfahan drove us to the Brisbane airport. He has visited the Philippines on numerous occasions and he is looking forward to spending the Christmas holidays in Siargao and Cebu. Here's what he has to say about Las Islas Filipinas:

"It's a beautiful country. I love it. I've been to Davao and Samal Island. Bohol. Cebu. Beautiful beaches. Lovely people." I definitely agree.

"Filipino food is very bad, but you have nice fish and fruits." He hasn't eaten Bicol or Moro food so he is forgiven.

"Filipinos eat too much rice. They will become diabetic in the future." Haha. Exactly.

"Filipinos love greasy food like Jollibee. You like American food a lot." We were a U.S. colony for half a century. The U.S. is still very much a part of our culture, politics and economy. We are the brown Americans.

"Turks is the worst of its kind in the world" to which I totally agreed. "I saw long queues in all its branches." Philip Cheah then asked me, "So why do Filipinos love it?"

"Piolo Pascual. We love Piolo Pascual."