April 3, 2012

We have a picture lock

After toiling for weeks in the editing room with my editor Arnel Barbarona, we have a picture lock. It is ten minutes shorter than we have projected. Editing on site during the shoot made our work easier. At the end of each day, we assembled the shots so that judgment calls could be made whether scenes worked or not, or if it was necessary to do a reshoot. This scenario is very efficient when shooting in a distant location where a reshoot posted logistical and financial difficulties. We shot the film in Cotabato City which was a seven-hour drive from my base station (it used to be only four hours away but heavy road construction made the travel grueling). 

Now, we're doing color correction (or, what's the appropriate term since the film is in black and white?) and synching sound. In about a week, we will start subtitling and sound design.

Here's the first look at my new film Qiyamah.

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