November 22, 2011

Another ten lessons in filmmaking

Every experience teaches you a lot of lessons. Doing Cartas de la Soledad surely was an excruciating journey but one with tons of valuable lessons. So in the tradition of Limbunan where I listed ten lessons learned, I'm listing not-so-new things that I've realized while doing my latest film.

1. Location is key.
2. Sound will make or break your film.
3. You are bound to make a lot of bad decisions. Blame nobody but yourself. Treat it as an opportunity for growth.
4. Do not cut corners, especially on very crucial matters (like sound).
5. Trust people to do their job well.
6. DSLR is not a magic wand. If it is, it means that the sorcerer is still the master.
7. Sleep is important.
8. Relegate tasks.
9. There should be life outside film.
10. Be realistic when it comes to finances.