August 2, 2011

Shooting Cartas de la Soledad

I've just finished shooting half of my film Cartas de la Soledad. It was a gruelling six-day shoot, with lots of drama and suspense both offscreen and onscreen. Lessons learned, too.

For instance, I will never shoot with a DSLR camera ever again. Unless Canon pays me gazillions of money. DSLR is not for those who love doing long takes. The rendition of blacks is bad. I will never shoot near the beach. I was trying to avoid a live sound recording nightmare by not shooting in the middle of the city. The beach can be as problematic. I will never work with people who does not understand my vision and aesthetics. It will just turn out to be an exercise in futility. I will never work beyond 16 hours a day. It's exhausting physically and creatively.

I shoot again in two weeks. I resolve to be more prepared than the first half of the shoot. I'm thankful for a supportive, patient and creative team: Coicoi Nacario, Elreen Bendisula, John Barredo, Madz Alang and Yam Palma. They were part of the team behind Limbunan.

The cast is equally brilliant and talented. Perry Dizon, Mayka Lintongan, Alexis Libres, Ma. Victoria Beltran, Rashid Alvarez and Bein Ali Unayan.

For now I leave you with a photo still from the film.


Anonymous said...

dear teng

kahapon i watched "ang babae sa septic tank " sa sm bicutan at tawang tawa ako sa mga eksena lalong lalo na dun sa mga idealismo kuno ng mga naggifeeling artsy fartsy na mga fulmmekers! unta you wont fall into that " nalunod sa kalahating puno na baso " syndrome. . . so, padayon lang but make sure nakaapak ka palagi sa lupa, dong/day kay sayod bitaw ka nga films exist because of the flimsiest of reasons dinhi sa kalibutan!

Tng Man said...

Whoever you are, I'm too tall to drown in a glass of water - empty or full. Sa 16ft deep na swimming pool pa siguro. Then again I grew up in Maguindanao where swimming in the river is second nature to me.