January 11, 2011

Talents to watch in 2011

Spot.PH has come up with the top ten Filipino talents to watch in 2011. Guess who's one of them. Moi.

Ria Limjap wrote:

"I love the way Teng Mangansakan’s lovely Limbunan was the breakout star at Cinemalaya 2010, and how it was overlooked at the local festival and then suddenly swept off into the prestigious Venice International Film Festival (Limbunan was the first Filipino film to be invited to the International Critics Week section, mind you). I’m always happy to see a Filipino film find appreciation in the international scene, and I was doubly glad to see a Moro filmmaker take his film around the world and show the beauty of Mindanao’s landscape and culture. A lot of exciting things are coming from regional cinema and I am particularly looking forward to this filmmaker’s new work."

1 comment:

Ian said...

COngrats teng! You shouldn't be on the promising list...ur not a neophyte anymore. ;)