December 3, 2010

741 million things to do

My friends and I are still debating whether or not there's a real winner in the recent Lotto jackpot amounting to 741 million pesos or US$17,233,000 -the largest prize ever in Philippine lottery history. The top conspiracy theory: The Palace ordered the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office to declare a 'winner' so that it can keep the funds. Gina is a hoax. But the 741 million pesos is not.

I wanted to bet but the closest I got was to fill up the form. The queues in the two outlets that I visited were a kilometer long. So I am content on dreaming about winning the jackpot prize. The top ten on my to-do/to-buy list include:

A new camera. My choice of the moment is the Panasonic AG-AF100 HD camcorder.

Build a glass house, surrounded by trees, overlooking the Davao Gulf.

Donate millions to an organization that would develop supplemental materials on Moro history and culture to be used in schools across Muslim Mindanao.  A young populace aware of their identity that is deeply rooted in their own culture and history will not be easily swayed by fundamentalism.

A trip to Konya, Turkey. Located 250 km from the Mediterranean Sea and 500 km from the Black Sea, at an altitude of over 1000 meters in the Anatolian steppe, Konya is one of Turkey’s most fascinating cities, full of mosques and museums. One of the most popular museums is the Green Mausoleum of the poet Rumi.

And what better way to travel than with vintage Louis Vuitton luggages.

Fund a madrasah that will teach its students the barzanji, instilling in them a profound love of God and the Prophet. Its central tenet would revolve around God is Love and the Qur'an is the Book of Love.

I love cats. I will build a fully-staffed cat house for stray cats which I will call The Muezza House in honor of the Prophet's beloved feline.

Open a restaurant, just for the heck of it. If I didn't become a filmmaker, my career alternative would be restaurateur/chef. Ideal location for my restaurant would be Hamburg, Germany. I would give Bok a run for their money.

I will shoot my next film Cartas de la Soledad with Joem Bascon, Cesar Montano and Mayka Lintongan as lead stars. After which I'll hie off to Barcelona, Spain to shoot the final sequence and just chill out.

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