September 2, 2010

3 stars and the sun in Venezia 67

Venezia 67 is officially on.

At the Palazzo del Cinema, the red carpet is spread out as gigantic golden winged lions stand guard in all corners of the Festival venue.

Flags flutter in the wind, representing all countries that have films screening in the eleven-day Mostra.

Right in the middle of the row of flags is the flag of the Philippines.

"It's [the flag] there because your film is in this year's Festival," Vincenzo tells me. "You should be proud."

I look at the opposite direction, suppressing the falling of a tear.


Lyka Bergen said...

Did your Flag support you? Chos!

Tng Man said...

In fairness, the NCCA paid for ticket and half of the cost of film conversion.


Anonymous said...

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Mac Callister said...

wow that is so nice!