April 24, 2010

Birthday wish list

In over a month, I will be turning a year older. My friends are starting to plan a party (I haven't told them that I will be away for a four-day speaking engagement).  I want to get something special for my big day but since all my savings went to the production of my first full-length film, I am blogging my wish list in case friends, relatives, or Santa Claus happen to be reading this.

1. Digital Harinezumi 2++. I saw the earlier version from Clang Sison, a film editor friend of mine and instantly fell in love with it. The images captured on this camera are reminiscent of Chrome Super 8 films, perfect for the 1970s-era film that I want to shoot.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Yes, I want another camera. I guess I miss my Sony HDR HC9. It was stolen on April 9 inside the JS Gaisano Citimall in Davao and the mall guards didn't even help me because, "Busy man gud mi, daghang tao."

Anyway, the Canon camera is capable of shooting motion picture. In fact two finalists in this year's Cinemalaya used the camera to shoot their films. It's quite pricey, but it's worth every penny of my would-be benefactor. I promise it will not get stolen.

3. A new backpack with lots of pockets.

4. A pilgrimage to Konya, Turkey. 

5. A year's supply of Feline Pine all natural cat litter. I have eight cats now. 

6. My first-ever bicycle. I should have learned to drive a bike when I was a kid. But it's never too late. Oh, I will be needing a cute bicycle driving instructor, too.

7. Amazon gift cards. Or their National Bookstore or Powerbooks equivalent.

8. A heavy duty coffee grinder.

9.  I want Duterte/Duterte for Davao. That way I'll feel safe.

10. A good Arabic language manual. I want to read the Qur'an and understand its meaning as well.

11. A trip to Venice, Italy.

12. The Gawad Balanghai trophy. 

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Unknown said...

for the konya tour, get friendly with the said nursi people...