March 4, 2010

First ten lessons in filmmaking

Ten (not so new) things I learned while doing my film, Limbunan.

1. Despite a lengthy, well-planned pre production, something unexpected is bound to happen during the shoot.
2. A member of the production will come to the set ill-prepared.
3. Someone will cry in the production.
4. Someone will sleep during the take (in my case, the boom man)
5. Production crew members are bound to disagree. But in the end, the director is always right.
6. Initiative is a recessive trait of half of your production crew.
7. Magic hour only lasts a minute.
8. Imagination and resourcefulness are key things (a rain scene without a rainmaker is possible in the middle of El Nino)
9. Patience is truly a virtue.
10. Never bring peanuts on the set.

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